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General Information

For semester dates, please refer to the university´s website.

100% English. Knowledge of the German language is not required.

Europa-Universität Flensburg does not charge tuition fees. The only charges that apply are an administrative fee of 243 Euro per semester and an inscription fee of 25 Euro for the initial registration at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Please refer to the International Center website for information about available scholarships (mostly from external sources). Please note that the university does not offer any scholarships to incoming students.

Please access this page  to find out more about Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Please check out the page dedicated to the city of Flensburg.

Please see the International Center website regarding costs of living.

Please refer to the International Center website regarding jobs [12788] 


The Career Service tab on the Student Life section.


Please refer to this page of our website for the deadline.

An applicant to the European Studies MA must:

  1. Have obtained an undergraduate degree (for example, a BA or in Germany a Magister, Diplom, or Staatsexamen) from an institution of higher education in Germany or elsewhere of at least three years of study. The degree must be in a subject or a combination of subjects relevant for the master's program in the field of humanities, social sciences, law or economics. The applicants must prove that they have completed that course of study as one of the best third of their class.

  2. If you are not yet in possession of the diploma, a transcript of records and a note of your university indicating the approx. time of completion of your  study will be sufficient for the selection procedure. You will however need to hand in your missing documents once admitted.

    Special information for Chinese applicants:

    If the APS proofs that your degree is a bachelor degree or equivalent to a bachelor/undergraduate degree with the possibility to take part in a German master programme, then the your current APS certificate is sufficient. Else you should contact the APS at your nearest embassy or consulate.

  3.  Have acquired sufficient knowledge of the English language. He or she must provide at least one official document proving his or her knowledge of English to be at Level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Proof of this is provided either by having studied in an English language program, language study within a course of study, or an English certificate of competence (for example TOEFL). For the required scores go to Application Requirements page.

  4. You are exempt from providing an English language proficiency report if in your previous education the language of instruction was 100% English (this however needs to be proven by a letter from your university).

  5. Have completed at least 15 CP in statistics or social-scientific methods. If no more than 5 CP are lacking, the applicant is permitted to take part in the selection process. Upon admission, the admission committee will decide about the kind, extent, and time frame of the coursework that needs to be absolved.

  6. Admission to the program is subject to the condition subsequent that proof of an undergraduate degree as prescribed in subsection 1 is provided. 

  7. However, if you have a degree in other than the above-mentioned areas but wish to apply,  put an emphasis on the application. For the selection process it can be of advantage to you if your resume shows clear evidence of interest in the subject field of European Studies, which can be exemplified in working experiences and internships as well as social and political engagement. Therefore, also the motivation letter plays a crucial role as it lays out your reasons for your application to our programme more clearly. With the help of the motivation letter we are thus best to tell if you will be a suitable candidate for our programme.

    1. The application form completely filled in and duly signed.

  1. A certified copy of the final degree certificate of your studies (undergraduate degree) and of the translation made by an officially recognised translator into German or English language.

  2. Certified copies of the transcripts or other academic records that give proof of your undergraduate studies including credits and grades achieved in each single subject and of the translations made by an officially recognised translator into German or English.

  3. Certified copy of high school diploma or similar and, if necessary, translation made by an officially recognised translator into the German or English language.

  4. The original copy of the English language certificate. Only if your previous study programme was entirely taught in English, you can ask for an exemption from this rule.

  5. Please include a Curriculum Vitae.

  6. Please also include a motivation letter.

In order to apply to our programme all documents have to be sent via regular post to:

Master programme European Studies

Europa-Universität Flensburg
International Institute of Management
European Studies - RIG814
Auf dem Campus 1
D-24943 Flensburg



Our staff will inform you via email once your application materials have been received thereof we ask that you please be patient as the mail may take some time to arrive in our office.

Due to an overload of application processing, the admissions office is not reachable by phone, therefore all queries should be addressed by email to: We ask for your patience in these matters as each case is dealt with individually.