Living on the Border. European Border Regions in Comparison

From September 27th to September 29th 2012 the Danish-German-Polish Seminar for students and postgraduates  was taking place at the Sankelmark Academy.

Throughout the days of the seminar the following topics were discussed:

  • The Microcosm  of  European Integration: The functioning of EU-financed cross-border co-operations (Prof. Dr. iur. Charlotte Gaitanides)
  • From a look backwards to a look forwards ? the way to the border agreement between Latvia and Russia (Laura Asarite)
  • Identities in the Euroregion SaarLorLux (Dinara Apakidze)
  • History of regions (Prof. Dr. Steen Bo Frandsen
  • Sønderjylland-Schleswig ? celebrating unity in diversity? (Prof. Dr. Martin Klatt)
  • West German and East German cultures of remembrance after the end of the  Second World War:The ideological border as a cause of    different memorial processes in a psycho-historical perspective (Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c.  Gerhard Besier)
  • Commuters in a border region ? Jews in Kashubia (Dr. Christian Pletzing)
  • Banat ? Evolution and perspectives of a multicultural border region (Grätel Marksteiner, Nicolae Balc)
  • Tirol Euroregion: bridging the wrong border? (Andrea Varriale)
  • The Spanish-Moroccan relationship: combining bonne entente with territorial disputes (Dr. Jaume Castan)
  • History of the German-Polish border region and the Europeanization of border regions ? a research paradigm (Dr. Elżbieta Opiłowska)
  • Border in consciousness and narratives of the inhabitants of the German-Polish border region (Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Stokłosa)
  • Project "Neighbourhoods in Europe" (Jutta Bissinger)
  • Borders in European Education (MA/MSc Sebastian Zimmer)
  • Fortress Europe. An overview on the EU asylum and refugee system (MA/MSc Osama Salem)
  • Educational Diplomacy beyond borders. The case of Turkey and the Jean Monnet Scholarship (MA/MSc Sophie Wulk)
  • Bulgarian-Greek Border Region: Crossborder Cooperation Under the Shadow of Minority Issues (MA Nuri Tahir)

On the second day of the seminar there was an excursion in the German Danish border region followed by a a dinner and the third meeting of the German-Danish-Polish Club hosted by Elisabeth and Torben Vestergaard with the evening speech: Cosmologies of Danish-German Difference (Prof. Dr. Torben Vestergaard).


Please find a report of the seminar here.