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Career stories

Our graduates go on to achieve great things in all sorts of careers. You can read some of their inspiring stories here:

Nigar Zahan

"Studying European Studies in Flensburg unlocks a wide variety of prospects. As the course offers a versatile spectrum of focus areas you can choose and go forward with your inclined interest. During the study, I was always fascinated by the cooperation of EU countries to achieve a shared goal. Now as I am working for a  EU Interreg project with 8 different partners from 6 different central European countries, I feel my knowledge of European studies has come to fruition". Nigar Zahan (Graduate Class of 2018)

Nigar Zahan (Graduate M.A. European Studies Class of 2018)

Nigar works as a Research Associate/Project Manager of EU Interreg project "CerDee" at the Technische Universität Ilmenau in Germany.