Brussels Trip 2015

At the end of January 2015, EUS students visited European capital Brussels in order to learn firsthand about the work of EU institutions and committees. For three days the students attended several meetings at the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions and others where they witnessed EU politics from the inside.

The group arrived in Brussels on January 26 and soon after checking in the hotel, they went to the Committee of the Regions. During the visit the EUS students learned a lot of comprehensive information on the functions and aims of the Committee.

Later the students attended a meeting with the European Economic and Social Committee, where they were told about tasks and procedures of the body. The EUS students participated actively in the discussions and asked many questions about the structure and goals of the Committee.

January 27 was a big day for students, as they visited the European Commission, the Institute that they heard so much during the lectures at the University. During the meeting the group gained extensive knowledge of the work of the Commission and during Q&A session asked many challenging and important questions.

Further EUS students went to the European External Action Service, where they were able to deepen their understanding of the functions of the body, as well as to ask many significant questions about the challenges and aims of the EEAS.

In the evening the group had a chance to explore the beautiful Belgium capital during the city tour. EUS students learned about the history of Brussels, local culture and traditions.

Next day the students went to the European Parliament, where they had a chance not only to get a tour around the building, but also talked to the MEP, who gave them insight view on the work of the European Parliament.

In the evening EUS students took a bus back to Flensburg, the group was not only overwhelmed with information and experience, but also inspired to continue studying the EU and maybe one day come back to Brussels in another status.