Research Seminar "Diversity in Europe"

The Research Seminar "Diversity in Europe" (April 8-12th, 2013) has placed a significant emphasis on the "diversity" component in social sciences. In order to achieve a more complex comprehension of social and economic potentials of diversity and their application in law, economics and society, a detailed analysis on a large variety of issues was needed. Therefore the seminar participants came up with interesting topics such as "Diversity and Innovation, any Statistical Evidence for Germany?" (Prof. Gerd Grözinger), "The Significance of the Intercultural Philosophy and Lévinas’ Philosophy of the Other for the Intercultural Debate" (Mirjam Monteiro, MA European Studies student), "Unequal Equality? Regional Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region and Promotion of Gender Equality" (MA/Msc Laura Asarite). 


To access the full programme on IUC, please click here: "Diversity in Europe" course

Call for Papers

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