"External Solidarity: EU’s responses to global challenges"

Organized within the Zukunftswoche 2015 at EUF, the conference "External Solidarity: EU’s responses to global challenges" aimed at raising the interest in academic research and at encouraging collaborations between students and lecturers (as well as among students themselves) from Europa-Universität Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark.

From an academic point of view, the conference wished to increase the awareness of how essential it is to have a strong and unified EU in order to respond timely and efficiently to major problems ranging from global trade to energy-related issues. Consequently, students from both EUF and SDU presented their works on various topics and actively participated in panel discussions, bringing up interesting points and further research questions.

The innovative element of the conference was the launch of EUS Vox - the research initiative providing a digital platform for publicizing students’ views and the outcomes of their researches. The platform can be reached by accessing eusvox.wordpress.com and all students can send in their articles and research papers.