Zukunftswoche 2016

For one week in May students had an opportunity to participate in various workshops, which will help them to gain valuable experience and skills. The tradition to organize "Future week" in the university first started four years ago and since then the Zukunftswoche became a popular event among the students.

This year the topic of the Zukunftswoche was "Am I ready for Europe: practical skills and competences". During series of sessions students prepared themselves for their future career paths: they deepened their knowledge on etiquette, presentation skills and speech writing.

Each lecturer encouraged students to actively participate in discussions and take part in the interactive activities. During "Business and everyday etiquette" workshop led by Dr. Asarite students learned how to greet people properly and what behavior should be avoided in various social situations. During the presentation skills workshop students participated in a mock conference in order to understand how to manage time better and to make sure that the conference is interesting for everyone.

Students enjoyed the workshops a lot and look forward to participating in Zukunftswoche next year!