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Master Programme European Studies

Europa-Universität Flensburg
International Institute of Management and Economic Education
European Studies

Auf dem Campus 1 B
Room RIG 814
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M.A. European Studies

Programme Aims and Goals

Europe is changing rapidly. The European Union – the continent’s far-reaching integration project – has been facing multiple new challenges in the recent past. The euro crisis, migration from outside the Union’s borders, frictions among member states regarding the application of the rule of law and democracy, and Brexit, the unprecedented departure of one of the EU’s largest member states, have been a test to established forms of politics, law and societal interaction. Today, European integration as a socio-political, legal, economic and cultural process is arguably deeper and broader in scope in both geographical and policy terms than at any time before. It extends well beyond the EU’s member states and affects all areas of social life. Europe is at the centre of some of the most salient political contestations while it remains a focal point in policy-making when it comes to major policy challenges, such climate change, security and economic stability. While the EU struggles domestically to balance sceptics and proponents of integration it seeks to position itself in global affairs. From outside, Europe is seen both as a role model of integration as well as a champion of a global political order.

The Master programme in European Studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) is aimed at students from both Europe and overseas. It prepares future analysts and shapers of European affairs for professional and academic careers and provides invaluable insights and experiences into European political, legal, economic and social life to those who come to Flensburg from overseas.

The M.A. European Studies at EUF is a consecutive, full-time two-year programme, which is exclusively taught in English. It is an interdisciplinary and research-oriented programme that provides specialized knowledge, skills and abilities in politics, law, economics, sociology and the humanities in the domain of European studies and research on the European Union.

Students have the opportunity to focus on political science, law, sociology, economics and the humanities. They acquire knowledge, skills and abilities based on contemporary and practice-oriented research questions. The EUF Master programme prepares students to take up jobs as civil servants, policy advocates in non-governmental organizations, business advisors, researchers and policy analysts.

The EUF Master programme offers students a unique international environment. Since 2006, students form almost 80 different countries have graduated from the programme. The programme’s faculty comprises leading experts in their fields who are dedicated to deliver a truly interdisciplinary programme through co-teaching and joint supervision. Studying in Flensburg allows students to combine academic training with a memorable intercultural experience.

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