Useful Information

Congratulations! Once you have been accepted to the European Studies master's programme, you can arrange everything for moving to Flensburg.

Following some useful links that help you before and after your arrival.

Before coming to Flensburg


Foreign students wishing to enter the Federal Republic of Germany require a residence permit visa [12786] for educational purposes or a student visa (Aufenthaltserlaubnis).


As the number of students studying in Flensburg has grown steadily for the past years, finding accommodation has been getting more difficult. But there are several options such as the student halls or private apartments. The International Center [12787] can help you with searching (and finding).

Health Insurance

In Germany health insurance [12789] is obligatory. For students up to the age of 30, insurance is offered at a reduced rate (around 80 Euros per month). 


Health insurance is not the only additional expense you should know about before coming to Germany. Consult this page for more information on living expenses in Flensburg. For more information about scholarships and jobs click here [12788].

Study Buddy Programme

The International Study Buddy Programme aims to encourage contact between international students and students in Flensburg.

When you are in Flensburg


Once you have arrived in Flensburg you need to register as a student at the university.

You bring your admission document to the registrar's office (office HEL 018) to receive your student's identity card, your certificate of matriculation and your student ticket for the local buses. From now on you are officially matriculated. After your re-registration each semester you will receive these documents via post.

Please note the consultation hours (Sprechstunden) of the office.

The International Center of the EUF provides further information and assistance. Click here.

Residence Permit

All new citizens (Germans + EU + non-EU) need to register when moving to Flensburg at the Community's Office. Non-EU students also need to register at the Immigration's Office. If you move during your stay in Flensburg you must also report this to the Community's Office.

Please note the consultation hours of the different offices.

The International Center of the EUF provides further information and assistance. Click here.

Identity Card or Passport

In Germany, all persons over the age of 16 must carry their identity card or passport with them at all times. If you plan to cross the border to Denmark by bus, you also need to have your identity card or passport with you.

Internet Access

For study purposes, students at the University of Flensburg can use the Internet free of charge on Campus. More information is provided by ZIMT (Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnologien).


The University of Flensburg is supplying its students with eMail accounts. The access information should have been sent to you with your Immatriculation papers.

You can access the webmail system here:

Further information is available on the ZIMT webpage.

University Facilities

Check out the university cafeteria (Mensa) and the library (Zentrale Hochschulbibliothek Flensburg). Books can be borrowed for three weeks, except those from the reserve books section and magazines. When exceeding the deadline you have to pay for every additional day that you did not return the book. The use of the library facilities is free of charge and students register by presenting their passports or student ID. Introductory tours of the library are offered at the beginning of every semester (also in English). Their are different ways of borrowing books and magazines and they can be ordered from all university libraries in Germany. Please ask the Information Desk in the library for further information.

Computer Rooms

Two computer rooms are located on the main campus and one in the university's building in Munketoft, providing computers with Internet access and e-mail. There are also some PCs for student use in the university library. Students are entitled to use this service after matriculation.

Campus Map and Video

For your first orientation you can download and print the attached 'campus plan'. You can also enjoy a short video from aerial photographs for orientation on campus: Click here.

Language Courses

Check out the page of the International Center for language courses. The Language Center of the EUF offers not only courses in German (A1-C1) and English (B2 and above), but also in many other languages. Courses and workshops on Academic Writing are offered by the TextLab.

Non-Academic and leisure Activities

There are many great opportunities for you to get involved in campus life while studying in Flensburg. To find out some great options please refer to our Student Life section.

Orientation Week

During the orientation week in September (11.-15.9.2017) international students will be informed on administrative matters (health insurance, residence permit, matriculation, etc.) as well as on academic matters. There will be an introduction to the university campus (campus tour) and to the city of Flensburg and its surroundings. The European Studies administrative team (click here) will be available to help you with your academic matters.


You have just been admitted and have questions? Please contact: